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Personal Makeup Workshop

Take Your Confidence to the Next Level!

17 & 18 Sep, Lucknow

FRUSTRATED with your Makeup? 

Sick of wasting money on products that never worked?    

Here’s the fix! 

Makeup is all about trying new things, trading secrets and feeling your best! 

Take the Minakshi Jaiswal 2-day Self Makeup Course and start writing YOUR OWN STORY! 

Nobody knows your skin better than you. So it's about time you took control! 


You might be: 

A working professional 

A college student 

A stay-at-home mum 

In 2 days learn everything you need to transform yourself to be the most confident woman! .

What Will You Learn In The Class

1. Orientation Of Self Makeup Course                                                       2. How To Prepare Your Skin ( CTM )                                                         3. CTM Product Knowledge ( According To Skin )                                         4. Party Eyemakeup                                                                                 5.How To Conture TechniqueAccording To Your Skin                               6.Perfect Way To Apply Eyeliner According To Your Eyeshape                       7. Conture Technique                                                                          

8. How To Get Ready Perfectly For Indian Wedding                                     9. Practice Session And  Q&A Session                                                         Certificate Distribution

Registration Fees For Personal Makeup Class 4999/-


Minakshi Jaiswal is an amazing makeup artist. Last year, I took her personal makeup classes and I learned so much from her. She is very patient and instructive and made the class fun and relaxed! I would highly recommend Minakshi Jaiswal for personal makeup class to anyone, beginner or expert!


I took my daughter, Minakshi Jaiswal, to a make-up class this past weekend and it was awesome. She is a very talented young lady who knows all about makeup and how to use it. I'm looking forward for her class again next week!


I enrolled in a make-up class by Minakshi Jaiswal and it was one of the best experiences of my life. She taught me the basics and I got to practice on her with the products she recommended that I buy. I'm so happy with my final look, thank you!

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